Tamil Nadu’s Irumbai Set to Become India’s First Fully Solar-Powered Village

The state government has assigned 2.2 crores from the State Innovative Fund for the project. The project aims to study the socio-economic impact of energy conservation, besides creating awareness on sustainable and renewable energy

Renewable energy / Solar PV | 09/12/2019 | By Moulin

Industries Can Reduce Power Costs By 60 Percent With Renewable Energy: WWF India Report

“With renewable power costs falling rapidly, C&I consumers have a very strong financial incentive to switch to clean energy. They can not only make attractive savings of around 30-60 percent on-grid power but also reduce carbon emissions and comply with Renewable Purchase Obligations,” WWF-India said in a report

Business | 04/12/2019 | By Moulin

Renewsys Launches India’s 1st NABL Accredited PV Lab for Encapsulants, Backsheets, Raw Material

India’s first and only specialized facility ensures quality assurance on demand for project financiers, solar plant developers, system integrators, module manufacturers, and solar polymer component manufacturers

Renewable energy / Solar PV | 03/12/2019 | By Moulin

Solar Photovoltaic Power Capacity to Surpass 8,000 GW by 2050: IRENA Report

Fast-tracked deployment of solar PV alone can lead to substantial emission reductions of 4.9 Gigatonnes of carbon dioxide (Gt CO₂) by 2050, demonstrating 21 percent of the total emission mitigation potential in the energy sector

Renewable energy / Solar PV | 02/12/2019 | By Moulin

India Installs Solar Power Generation Capacity Worth 31,696 MW: R K Singh

Furthermore, the Minister has also pointed out that solar projects worth 17,998 MW capacity are at various stages of installations and that tenders for 36,278 MW capacity projects have been already issued

Policies & Regulations | 29/11/2019 | By Moulin

EDF Aims to Accelerate Growth in Renewable Projects in France

France depends on nuclear power from its 58 reactors operated by EDF for around 75 percent of its electricity needs. It plans to cut the share of atomic power to 50% by 2035 while boosting renewables

Business | 10/12/2019 | By Moulin

India Advocates Fast-track Expansion of ISA at COP25

Communicating contentment over 83 countries joining the ISA in just four years, Javadekar said, "When ISA was launched, the idea was that all those countries who get more solar energy as they fall between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn should come together to create the consumers' own market

Policies & Regulations | 10/12/2019 | By Moulin

China’s Solar Modules Market Develops Amidst Slowdown in Domestic Solar Industry: GlobalData

The country’s solar PV exports stood at 58 gigawatts (GW) just in the first nine months of 2019, which is a big boost for the industry and this is despite the tariff regime for solar panels implemented by the Trump administration in the US

Renewable energy / Solar PV | 09/12/2019 | By Moulin

Delhi Metro’s Future Buildings to Include Rooftop Solar Panel Installation: DMRC Chief

Asserting that all stations built in the future will be able to accommodate rooftop solar panels straightway, Singh said, "In phase-1 and phase-2 structures were not designed to make rooftop solar panels, so changes had to be made."

Renewable energy / Solar PV | 09/12/2019 | By Moulin

Indian EV Charging Business Expected to Grow at 50 Percent in Next 3 Years: Delta Electronics

The company, which has so far installed over 700 charging stations in India, is currently in the process of setting up of its third plant at Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu as part of its USD 500 million investment program till 2026

Other Energy Applications / Sustainable Transport | 09/12/2019 | By Moulin

BHEL, CSIR Join Forces for Commercialization of Indigenously Developed Technologies

The first project will be for commercialization of various water purification/sewage disposal related technologies, it added

Business | 09/12/2019 | By Moulin

Fronius Set to Extend its Portfolio with GEN24 Plus and BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS/HVM

The new BYD Battery-Box Premium1 and the GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter form a storage system that is setting new standards in terms of versatility and performance

Energy Storage | 09/12/2019 | By Moulin

LANXESS Signs “Sustainable” Revolving Credit Facility of €1 Billion

he specialty chemicals company has now agreed to a new syndicated credit facility with 12 banks, whose interest conditions depend, among other things, on the successful reduction of its greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1) and the increase in the proportion of women on the top three management levels

Business | 09/12/2019 | By Moulin

NLC India Issues Tender for O&M of Solar Plant Worth 10 MW in Tamil Nadu

The scope of work for the selected firms will include the O&M of solar PV modules with cable connector and built-in fuses, module supporting structures, array junction boxes, power conditioning units, and all the necessary power equipment

Renewable energy / Solar PV | 09/12/2019 | By Moulin

India Capable of Biomass Power Generation Worth 18,000 MW: R K Singh

The minister mentioned a study by Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, which assessed surplus biomass availability in the country at about 120 to 150 million tonne per annum covering agricultural excesses

Renewable energy / Biomass | 09/12/2019 | By Moulin

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